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Site News!


Moved to a new server.

Also installed a new Guest Book! Please stop by and say hi!


The Davis Weather Station is Here and installed!

We are fully back up and operational!


No luck finding a new or used sensor. As such, I bit the bullet and have ordered a new weather station. The replacement will be the Davis Vantage Pro 2. I am real excited about getting this up and running. It will have more accurate readings, especialy with the rain. The old gauge measured every .04 inch's. This will register every .01. Hopefully will be here within a week. Davis is known for their quality instruments. Will keep you posted.


Temperature and Humidity sensor have failed. Please note besides effecting temperature and humidity, it also effects wind chill readings. Trying to find replacement, as Oregon Scientific has discontinued the wmr968 weather station. Will keep you posted.


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